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Breakdance Moves – An Overview of the Main Styles

Breakdance moves are totally dependent on the break dancer and his flexibility. This is why there are tons of variations in the breakdance moves which make it a really versatile and flexible dance form. It can be molded according to the capabilities and the creativity of the dancer and the level up to which he or she wants to take it.

Remember Bringing Passion Into Your Dance Makes the Dance Beautiful

Bachata is a dance and a style of music that originated in the rural areas of the Dominican Republic. Bachata has become more and more popular over the years and has grown into many different styles across the world. I have been dancing bachata for quite a few years and after learning the basics of bachata realized i wanted to learn more.

Purchasing Policy For a Portable Ballet Bar

Ballet is one of the beautiful dances you love to watch and it is most demanding as well. To be the aspiring ballerina is difficult task to do, because it requires lot of practice, patience and perseverance. A ballet studio’s room should be full of all the gadgets needed for perfect dance practice.

Ballet Dancing and How to Look After Bunions

Bunions are physical deformities associated with the bones on the foot. Bunions can lead to severe pain from conventional footwear and sore spots can develop due to constant friction.

Ballet Dancing and Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles Tendon is the strongest and thickest of all the tendons in the human body. This tendon is a fibrous piece of tissue and connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. The Achilles Tendons function in ballet dancing is to pull the heel up so that you can point the foot and relieve and also soften the impact when landing after your jumps.

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