122. Rocking Horse (Forward + Backward Swizzle) + Different Knee and Ankle Actions Covered

Breakdance Steps

“Breaking” become famous around the world and numerous kind of remixes could be used to perform this dance. DJs around the globe remixed different music genres which can serve as a platform in executing this dance step.

Why Should I Learn to Dance?

If you are belted by the query as to why i should learn to dance as when you are eager to learn dancing, there are many benefits that come through the form of dancing. As when you take efforts to learn to dance, it becomes an ideal platform that offers a great workout as it also offers splendid opportunities to make new friends and enjoy a good social status.

The Foxtrot: A History and The Basic Steps

Anyone who is interested in dancing will want to learn the Foxtrot. It has been around for a long time, and is one of the most popular dances in the world. The Foxtrot was invented by Harry Fox, and it first became popular in 1914 when husband Verne Castle and his wife Irene, who were popular dancers of the time, perfected the smooth moves involved in the Foxtrot.

Locking Dance Tutorial Tips

Find out how to make the most of any locking tutorials that you learn from. Learn how you can do the moves more that you learn more easily.

Getting Funky When Locking

As one of the funk styles of dancing, when you’re doing locking it has got to be funky. Find out how you can achieve this here.

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