122. Rocking Horse (Forward + Backward Swizzle) + Different Knee and Ankle Actions Covered

Pointe Shoe Sizing – And What Really Breaks Them In Properly?

Pointe shoe sizing – and breaking in pointe shoes…..if they are exactly the right fit and choice of brand, breaking them in is simple. You can bend the end of the heel a little, so that when you are en pointe, the pressure is taken off the middle of the shank, which you want to last. You may want to soften the edges of the wings, if the fit per your toe length is not perfect – and it will not be perfect unless the shoes was made for you, or you really lucked out. It is the strength in your feet that makes the shoe work.

Seven Superfine Advantages of Group Dance Class

If you are passionate to learn dancing, the group dance class is one among the many ideal sources to learn various dance styles. The group dance class comes along with various attractive features that work to the advantage of the learners.

4 Great Reason Why You Should Dance Salsa Right Now!

Salsa Dancing. What is it that makes it popular today? Why is it that people who salsa seems to be happier, in better shape and in a better mood compared to others?

Dancing – A Fun Way to Fit

Our bodies are the vehicles for our mind and our souls. It is important that we take care of our bodies. Regular exercise and a healthy diet should be a part of our daily lives. Not everyone can rustle up the commitment required to go to the gym. There are some obvious advantages of regularly working out at an established gym but if that is not for you don’t fret, there are a number of alternative ways that you can stay fit. You can go swimming or hiking to keep yourself fit. Another great way to keep fit and in my opinion the most enjoyable, is to dance. Dance is a great form of exercise and you will have so much fun doing it that you won’t even realize that you are working out.

Increase Your Chances at the 2010 Summer Intensive Program Auditions

With the 2010 Summer Intensive Program Auditions coming up, most young dancers like you are stepping up their training. You are working hard on those corrections the ballet teachers are giving and attending every class religiously. Even though you have been giving 100% in each ballet class, you are still nervous.

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