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Release Muscle Tension In Your Nutcracker Ballet Season

Remembering to release muscle tension can be difficult during the long rehearsal days of your Nutcracker ballet season. It is an exciting time, yet the drive to perform well consistently, the hours in a theater waiting for your number, walking around through tech rehearsals, and organizing yourself in the dressing room, can distract you from “muscle management”. The adrenalin carries you through, but afterwards, when you need a good night’s sleep, sometimes muscle aches and pains will keep you tossing and turning.

How to Learn Break Dance

Break dance is a groovy kind of body dance move. It has been practiced by dance aficionados in the U.S. since 1969. Because of the development of different styles of dances, the hip hop culture during that time also flourished hence break dance was incorporated. For more details, read on.

Ballet Shoes – Should I Choose Satin, Canvas or Leather?

Ballet shoes are available in leather, canvas and satin. They’re very lightweight, have a thin sole yet are required to go through a great deal of strain throughout dance classes, rehearsals and performances. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each of the fabrics.

Learning Sexy Bachata Steps

Bachata a very sexy dance indeed, one that came from the Dominican Republic, and it is possible for you to learn Bachata lessons too. Though when you watch the Bachata dance you may be a bit surprised at how difficult it looks, and it isn’t an easy thing to learn. To do Bachata dance you will need the right amount of dedication and time spent to learn the steps and make them natural as you step on the dance floor.

Can You Learn Salsa Through Videos?

Salsa is the way to add some hot sizzle to your life, and a great way to get some needed exercise for many people. If you are looking to learn salsa, why not check out the many salsa videos that are out there to help you out. They offer you a great chance for dance videos that will let you see just how to complete the dance the right way.

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