2022 Figure Skating Olympic Qualification Rule Explanation

Kids Dance Classes Get Children in Shape

A lack of exercise can make a child sick. Children need activities that: (1) keep them entertained, (2) encourage them to exercise and (3) are fun enough to not feel like exercise. Read this article for more information about activities for children.

Choosing Tap Shoes

There are loads of different tap shoes available in different colours, styles and fabrics. They’re characterised by metal plates attached the sole and heel of the shoe called “taps”. These are what make that unmistakable tapping sound when the tap dancer performs. This article gives you a few good tips to choose the best tap shoes for you.

Belly Dancing – Origin, Health Benefits and Costume Styles

Belly Dancing is regarded as one of the oldest form of dance and is considered to be more as a work of art than a dance. It still remains a mystery regarding the origin of Belly Dance but according to many beliefs it started amongst the Arab and African nations.

Pole Dancing Shoes – Why You Need a Pair or Six!

Pole dancing is taking over the world. Its great exercise. We reveal why you need a pair of pole dancing shoes.

Dance Parents Buy Pointe Shoes – How To Help Your Dancer

Many dance parents are just as excited as their ballet studio daughters when they hear the news that it is time to buy pointe shoes. Yet, from the many I hear from, worries and doubts soon follow. When is my daughter truly ready to dance in pointe shoes? What if she is too young to do ballet in pointe shoes? Then, you the dance parent, find out how expensive pointe shoes are.

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