2023 U.S. Solo Dance Finals by Bella Danic

Tuesday, September 13, 2023
My name is Isabella Danic and I am competing at the 2023 National Solo Dance Final in the Silver Solo Combined event and the Intermediate Solo Combined event. I started skating when I was 8 years old and once I stepped on the ice I knew I loved it.
I train at The Arctic Edge Training Center in Canton Michigan. My skate club is Arctic Figure Skating Club. My Dance Coaches are Greg Zuerlein, Dean Copely and Charlotte Maxwell. I also still work on spins and performance with my former Pairs Coach Jim Peterson. I left Pair skating 1 1/2 years ago and decided to completely focus on Ice Dance and test out of freestyle. I am passionate about Ice Dance and I’m so excited that I qualified for Solo Nationals.

Travel Day
Today is September 12th 2023, today I woke up just like every other day but it wasn’t just any other day. Today I am leaving for the National Solo Dance Finals! I hopped out of bed and did my normal routine for school. I am a freshman at Powers Catholic in Flint Michigan and I love school! Everyday I leave school at 12:20 right after lunch for skating and today I was leaving to go home to finish packing. Once I finished packing I grabbed all of my skating stuff and hugged my Dad goodbye. My dog Lily really wanted to come with us but she had to stay home. She made us all laugh that she wouldn’t leave the side of the car waiting to be put in. After one escape from inside back to sitting at the side of the car we left.
It’s only my mom and I heading to Nationals but my dad will come on Friday. We then drove almost six hours to our hotel. The competition rink is very close to our hotel, just minutes away. 
My mom and I are both tired and decided not to venture into Chicago tonight for dinner. That sounded like a great idea earlier today! We went to dinner close by and got some yummy frozen yogurt for desert. Now I am finishing the night out doing homework and writing this blog. I am so exited for the first day of practice tomorrow. I can’t wait to put faces to names in the standings. I really want to watch and meet Brooke Tufts. Time for bed. Excited to tell you all about my first day at Nationals tomorrow! Good night!

Wednesday, September 13, 2023
2023SoloFinalsBlog BellaDanic Blog2 1 It’s Wednesday and I got to sleep in this morning even though I always wake up early no matter what! My first practice ice doesn’t start until 11! I don’t know how I got so lucky! We went down to the hotel’s restaurant for a delicious breakfast. It was so yummy! We are staying at one of the US Figure Skating host hotels, the Renaissance Suites. Great choice USFS! It took me a little bit of time to fall asleep, but once I did I had a great sleep!
Time to get ready for Day One’s Official and Unofficial Practice Ice.  I’m wearing my favorite shirt I got while competing at the Copper Cup in Utah. It’s from the Lululemon store in Park City. They can stamp their shirts with a fun Park City logo as a unique souvenir and a great memento of your visit. I ran into several of my Copper Cup Solo Dance competitors there while shopping!
My first official practice ice went well and I’m so happy that they limited the number of skaters on the practice. It helped all of us get our work done without running into one another! Ran back to our hotel for an hour then it’s back to the rink for an unofficial practice ice. My second practice ice was not official and it was in the ice that we aren’t competing on. The ice is so nice and smooth! I had a good skate and Coach Dean was happy. Time for a quick lunch before my next official practice ice on Rink A.  I love Chick-fil-a and there is one close to the rink! Practice finished and back to the hotel for a bit to work on some Biology homework!
Had my final official practice ice for the day. My Coach Dean was happy and so was I with my skate. Heading back to the hotel to change and go to dinner. The restaurant surprised my mom and I with congratulations confetti all over our table. I had a great meal and we blasted Pit Bull’s Time Of Our Lives on the way back to the hotel!  I’m so excited for day two! COMPETITION!!!!

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