81. One Foot Turns: Forward Inside Bracket

Ballet Vs. Hip Hop Dance Lessons: Which Is Right For You?

If you’re trying to decide between ballet and hip hop dance lessons, first learn the differences between these two dance forms. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Setting Realistic Expectations for Dance Students

Learning how to dance can be a magical time for both students and their parents. Together, they can celebrate special moments as the child progresses through their dance lessons. Learning new steps or dance techniques and performing in public are all events to be acknowledged.

Increase Ballet Turnout For Ballet Positions Of The Feet

A young dancer, or an adult ballet beginner can feel very frustrated checking in with the ballet feet position chart. Oh that lovely 180 degree first position; likewise the second! And most coveted of all, the toe to heel fifth position. The following are some tips to help you understand dance turnout, and get a plan! Yes, you can increase ballet turnout.

Fun Sports Games for Kids

A sports programme should be incorporated into any child’s weekly regime. Not only will sports games keep your children entertained, but they will also enable your kids to get a good amount of exercise, which is vital during this stage of growth.

Tips To Help You Prepare For Your End Of Year Dancing Concert

Preparing for the end of year concert is something that many dancing teachers forego, simply to avoid the stress of it all. We on the other hand do it because our pupils absolutely love it. It is the high light of their year and it is tradition in our studio to do a show right before the students go on holiday, just to keep them working and motivated right into the end of the year.

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