82. Chasses: Forward Chasses

The Different Type of Advantages for Using Dance Shoes

Do you know the benefits of getting dance footwear? There are a number of advantages when buying specialized dance shoes compared to regular footwear or perhaps a couple of old running sneakers tucked somewhere in the bottom of your closet. To begin with, the composition in the sole is vital.

Square Dancing Fashion

Ever wonder what the appropriate fashion is for square dancing? Square dancing fashion tends to be quite rigid, especially for square dancing competitions. Read about what their fashion best practices are, and be prepared to attend your next square dance looking like a pro!

How Long Will It Take To Learn a Kpop Dance?

Do you aspire to dance like the Kpop stars in their music videos and wonder how long will it take to master one choreography? Find out more here.

Bumping People on the Dance Floor? The Answer Is Motor Bikes!

Do you run into people when dancing a moving dance like Tango, Waltz or Foxtrot? You might even do it when dancing Salsa? Some men worry about doing this and no-on really likes the guy who consistently runs himself or his partners into other couples. So what can one do?

How To Choose The Dance School

Dance schools may appear to be similar, but in essence they are really quite different. You cannot choose just anyone, but you will need to determine which one is right for your child. In order for your child to effectively learn and enjoy dance, the dance school environment must be conducive to and actually encourage practicing and learning and practicing. Classes should be flexible as students can be moved around to positions where they seem most suited.

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