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How to Decide Which Jazz Shoes to Buy

By reading over this particular article, it probably means you want to find out a little more about jazz shoes. Through the following paragraphs, we will detail what these shoes are, why they are an important part of dancewear, and some details in buying these shoes that will help you out when it actually gets down to purchasing a pair.

How to Get the Perfect Fit For Your Ballet Shoes

Getting the perfect fit for your ballet shoes is very important. This article gives you a simple step-by-step guide to make sure you choose the best ballet shoe for you.

How to Buy Dance Sneakers

Dancing is a great form of exercise as well as a popular hobby. Ensure that you have the proper dance apparel that does not restrict your movements when you dance. For example, if you are doing aerobics, hip-hop, cheer-leading, street dance or the like, you may have a need for dance sneakers.

Nothing But Bloch Dance Shoes For Me

I own multiple pairs of Bloch dance shoes for studio work and for the stage. They have never let me down so I never plan to branch out to other brands of shoes. This is why I love them.

How to Dance the Salsa

Salsa: the name evokes emotions of love and passion. In Spanish, it literally means sauce, and saucy you can be. Most people identify it as a slot dance because the couple doesn’t really need a big space to move.

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