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Ballerina Shoes

As the name suggests, ballerina shoes are mainly used for the art of ballet dancing. They go by a few other names including ballet slippers. Most ballerina shoes on the market are made from specific materials such as canvas, leather as well as satin. In the past, these shoes were always heeled but it wasn’t until the eighteen fifties that we saw the emergence of a totally new non-heeled variety that offered better flexibility. This new version took the ballet world by storm and has since been standard footwear for all ballet dancers. There are two traits that all ballerina shoes have. Firstly, they have very thin soles. Secondly, they must be flexible enough to facilitate a wide range of foot movements. Leather, satin and canvas have their own advantages and disadvantages but their use is dependent on scale of the performance as well as the skill level of the ballet dancer.

Love for the Music Will Make You a Good Salsa Dancer

Any individual new that approaches me with interest to learn to salsa dance, I have one key question to be answered. How do you like the music I ask them? Smile to the face I know they will be fine and encourage them to start right away. The music is a key ingredient when beginning ones salsa journey. It is this connection that will allow one to overcome the initial awkward movements first experienced but quickly passes with some time and effort.

Back To Ballet With An Adult Ballet Class

I talk to many adults who ask if they should try and get back to ballet class. Depending on how many years it has been since you have done ballet, or any kind of dance related exercise, I always say go for it. You may have to call several local studios to find an adult ballet class that is right for you. You may worry about the dance wear dress codes and if you will want to comply. If you are overweight, or have lost your flexibility, you probably feel very self conscious.

Dance Studio 101 – How to Choose a Dance Studio for Your Child

Before you choose a dance studio, it helps to do some research. Most studios out there have exceptionally qualified teachers with a strong passion for the Art of Dance, but that doesn’t mean they’re all created equally. In fact, based on my experience, there are four questions you should always ask before enrolling your child in a new dance studio.

Salsa Dance Lessons – Give Yourself an Edge Over Other Beginners

Since the 1970s, Salsa and its music have been gaining popularity. Book yourself onto online Salsa dance classes before taking the plunge into the real thing!

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