Alex Krasnozhon “Je dors sur des roses” Mozart l’Opéra Rock – Mikelangelo Loconte

Turkish Belly Dancing

Turkish belly dancing is becoming really popular in many countries, and more and more people are becoming interested in learning this flamboyant, exotic art. The dance is very dynamic and fascinating to watch, it can be quite flirty and sensual.

Breakdance Motivation – Why to Learn Bboy Moves

Learn the three main things you can get from practicing bboy moves. Breakdancing, as a form of dance, offers a unique experience that expands over just being a physical exercise.

Dance Leotards – Where to Buy

The dance leotard is a key piece of dancewear for most styles of dance. When choosing your leotard, there are a huge number of different ones to choose from and a myriad of retailers from which you can purchase. This article should help you decide what type of retailer you should buy yours from.

Ballroom Dance Music – Not Just for Dancing

Ballroom dance music is not just for dancing, but for enjoying anytime…anywhere. Popular songs and artists are also now being incorporated into the formal ballroom dancing competition routines all over the world.

How to Care for Your Dance Leotard

If you’ve just signed up for dance class then you’ve probably just bought or are about to buy a dance leotard. By learning to dance, this new piece of dancewear will be getting a great deal of use so you need to know how to take the best care of it so it lasts as long as possible.

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