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Avoid Being Too Stiff For Ballet With Simple Resistance Stretching

A while ago when I wrote an article about office space workouts I was astounded at the high number of times it was read. I was aware that many recreational adult ballet dancers sit on a chair all day, or do some other repetitive or physically confining work. If you cannot sit on a physio ball, as I’ve suggested before, there are ways of getting more flexible with daily resistance stretching, sitting at your desk.

The Best Way to Learn Dancing

Learning to dance boosts our self confidence, helps us to get in shape, and fetches us popularity and the best way to learn dancing is by practicing the steps and moves. Throughout the ages, doctors have recommended dancing as the best way to be in shape and carry on a sharp mind. Beginners can avail dance classes as they are to be spotted everywhere, all over the world.

Cuban Salsa – Know the Background

Cuban salsa, as the name suggests, is the form of salsa dance, flavored with the essence of Cuban culture. It is a beautiful form of salsa where one step gracefully flows into another. It represents a mixture of cultures: the rhythmic beats of the African slaves and the sounds of the Spanish invaders.

Tap Dancing – Learn for Yourself

Tap dancing is a form of dance characterized by foot tapping on the ground. As a result of this foot tapping, a metallic sound is produced. This metallic sound is produced as a result of the brushing of the floor with the piece of metal attached to the shoes of the dancer. Tap dancing has accommodates influences of several cultures. It has English, Irish, African, and Spanish influence. During the 1930 s tap dancing made its move from Vaudeville to cinema and television. Steve Condos added innovation and a new style to tap dancing.

So You Want to Learn Salsa Dancing?

Salsa as a form of dance emerged from the Spanish speaking people of the Caribbean Sea. It has spread as the most elegant, romantic form of dance all over the world. Salsa as a form of dance incorporates several influences of different cultures. The word ‘salsa’ is a Spanish word meaning sauce. The meaning indicates mixture. This genre of dance is a fusion of African and European influence of dance and music upon the original form of salsa steps that make the dance appealing.

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