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How Ballet Dancers Can Avoid Common Foot Injuries

Many of the common foot injuries sustained by ballet dancers can be prevented, and treated, by the application of some basic knowledge about the structure of muscles in the feet. Specific strengthening of the different muscles can make a huge difference to a career in ballet, or any other dance discipline. This article discusses the causes and treatment of common dancers foot injuries.

How to Breakdance – The Turtle

Ever wanted to learn how to breakdance? This guide teaches you how to do the turtle – a move in which the breakdancer spins around while holding his body on his arms.

Learn How the Barre Helps Develop Great Dancers

Discover the various exercises dancers use at the barre to warm-up and get limber in ballet class.

Belly Dancing: Mind, Body and Soul

Belly Dancing has many benefits for dancers of all ages and abilities. You may find studying the ancient art offers more than just burning calories.

Dancing With The Stars…Call Me!

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