Ashley Cain-Gribble, Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning (July 2021)

Ballet Dancing and Caring For Your Precious Feet

Ballet dancers are rumoured to have ugly feet, but this need not be the case with a little care and attention. If you treat your feet well, they will continue to work for you forever. If you ill treat them or put them in shoes that don’t fit, expect them to play up.

Ballet Dancing and Taking Care of Your Back

Ballet dancing always demands a lot of the lower back. This is why as a ballet dancer it is very important to have strong abdominals. Pilates and Yoga are some of the exercise forms that can help the core muscles to strengthen and the flexibility of the back and hips will also be improved.

Looking After Your Hips in Ballet Dancing

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint, and together with intricate sets of ligaments offers a ballet dancer tremendous range of motion, and at the same time also withstands great weight. The hip is one of the most elegant parts of the body, if you take it from an engineers perspective.

Belly Dance to Burn Body Fat

When winter comes, nearly everybody gives up the heeding of body form. The weather becomes cold and people spend most of their time at home with watching TV.

Ballet Bar – Your Company in Staying Fit!

Ballet is a form of theatrical dance that began to evolve in Western Europe during the Renaissance period. This involves techniques, which consist of stylized movements and positions that have been elaborated and codified over the centuries into a well defined, though a flexible, system called academic ballet. Likewise, equipment is needed in order to incorporate the ballet dancers in doing their routines, with this; a ballet bar is a perfect aid for the needs. It is very helpful, especially in doing some toe dancing, which is commonly performed in some ballet dances.

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