Aura Skates Boots Review

Hey guys, ashley and olig here, and we have a new video for you today, it’s. Gon na be a little different. What are we doing? Ashley today we are going to review our skates [, Music, ], okay, so i first started skating in our boots about a year ago and i started with their jumping boot.

So these are a year old and, as you can see, they still have tons of life left in them. This is the older model which has the lower cut heel. They look a little different than the newer model, especially in the back, but you can see the heel difference.

The heel appears higher with the new design, but it’s, actually the same height they just cut. They just cut out the white. To give you a toe point, look but anyway, you can see the main difference between the jumping and the dance is just the lower cut back here and these boots, like i said my original boots for jumping, still have so much life left in them.

The only reason i got new auras was because i’m switching to ice dance, so i needed a lower cut back to be able to point my toes better but yeah. Now, in terms of jumps, i actually asked for the dance myself for because we’re, going to be switching to dance like ashley said.

However, i am also continuing to jump in them and i’m jumping in my dance plays. As you can see the shorter blades, the mk dance blades, i went for the dance cut and even then i have no problems with the support that i get out of them.

So, for me, it’s like a crossover type of skate, blade combination to where i get the benefits that i’m used to and dance, and i’m, also able to do freestyle. Also, when you order rs, you can order them soft or stiff.

So i asked for the softest as possible and i have a good bit of um flex here. If i squeeze them, i think oleg ordered his stiff, and i says he’s. Getting good support um, i know the main difference when you order soft versus stiff is the amount of layers of carbon fiber they use.

So essentially, the carbon fiber in my skate is thinner than the carbon fiber and his skate, although i ordered them as soft as possible, they really don’t feel soft, because at the end of the day they are carbon fiber.

However, i’m, doing single jumps. We are also doing pairs in our dance rs. We’re, doing lower level pairs um as well as dance, and they are working great for me for my single jumps and everything so far.

Now one thing that i’m, going to definitely bring up that i’ve experienced in the past. I’m one of those people that usually uses their boots till they fall apart and in the past. What i would often happen with me is that the heel would rot out, because, if it was a leather heel and while the pressing eventually this section would rot out on a leather boot, i really like that.

I think these are going to have a lot of longevity in them, so i think it’s, a very good investment if you’re thinking of getting boots that you want to go for more than one year. I really like that about them.

Yeah they’re, actually completely carbon fiber. So this boot is actually one piece, so the the entire boot heel included is one piece of carbon fiber they. Actually, i’m, going to sew or glue on the white and the black material on top of the carbon fiber, but the whole boot is actually one piece and also um.

We are skating on the insoles that they came with and they are extremely comfortable for me. So far so um yeah, like he said we from day one skated three hours a day in these and we both were able to skate the entire three hours comfortably and we were able to do all of our elements that we typically do.

On the very first day in these, so that’s great meanwhile, i’m gonna show them the inserts here as well. Let’s. Do that? Okay, so they come with two inserts so and then this is how they are currently layered, two inserts okay.

So when you order rs, they come in this pretty box um. Obviously i’ve already taken mine out, but i’ll. Go ahead and open the box for you and show you so you you’re gonna have your skates. They also send you this cute little drawstring bag.

They send you these inserts for arch support. I don’t feel like i need them, so i don’t plan to use them and they come with a letter of authenticity. Auras are a great booth for people that have two different sized feet because they truly are a custom.

Boot, you cannot buy these off the shelf. They are not sized there’s no size printed in this boot because they are truly made based off of a scan of your foot. So if your right foot is an inch longer than your left foot, that’s perfectly fine and they will be able to accommodate that so that’s, pretty cool.

So we are on day three, i believe in our new rs. So we’ve skated the last three days for about just three hours a day and we’re going strong and we recorded some videos, hey guys. My name is matt redmond and we’re, getting old like a brand new pair or figure skates today, [, Music, ], so [, Music, ], all right well for me, uh, the things that i really like about them is that they are well made And very strong and very light and custom, and what do you think what about you for me? The biggest thing is that they are lightweight and they feel broken in nearly immediately also get pretty good amount of ankle flex off the bat as well.

They actually have a built-in flex channel right here, so you can get some ankle bends pretty quickly. You don’t have to worry about breaking them in for months before you can do that. Also they look very nice and sleek and modern.

I, like the high cut here overall, they’re, just comfortable and lightweight, and just to mention mine are covered in protective tape. That’s because we do a lot of knee, slides and so forth. They’re, not the cheapest boots on the market, and they tend toward the higher priced models.

However, they’re, probably going to last you a lot longer than anything else. You can get and certainly anything that you would be able to get that’s about half the price will probably break down three or four times faster.

What about you? Ashley yeah? I can agree with that. They are um on the more expensive side for sure, but for me totally worth it especially considering they’re going to last you several years and i think the other con right now in the us, especially probably not in canada, but in the u.

s. We have a lack of reps so, like i said, i’ve, been skating in r for a year. My first pair of skates, i had to fly to arizona to get my scan and get my skates ordered twice, so i had to fly there to order them, and then i had to fly there to pick them up.

So that can also add to the cost, because i had to pay for flights in hotels and that sort of thing our most recent pair up skates that we have now we had to travel about four hours by car to get scanned and get them heat molded.

So if you don’t live near a rep, then i can say the lack of reps is certainly a con. Hopefully, as this brand is growing and more people are trusting aura, we will get more reps and that will no longer be a con.

So here’s, the hoping well, that’s it for now everyone. I hope you enjoyed this video and found it informative. If you want to see more videos from us, please like and subscribe and leave a message of what you want to see see you next time: [ Music ].

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