Behind the Scenes, Novogorsk | #ISUSkatingAwards 2021

Ballet Dancing and Resistance Training

For ballet dancers the goal of resistance training isn’t to build up overdeveloped muscles. The focus should be on enhancing your strength in order to perform better beats, leaps and sustained poses.

Ballet Dancing and the Dance Boom of the ’60’s and ’70’s

Balletomania is a term used to describe an extraordinary enthusiasm for ballet dancing, and balletomania resurges from time to time. During the 1960’s and 1970’s there was so much creativity, talent, vision and money that was poured into ballet dancing, and this era is remembered by many as the dance boom.

Ballet Dancing and Dealing With Dance Injuries

Even the most careful ballet dancers can get dance injuries, but fortunately our bodies have the remarkable capacity to heal themselves. The main thing is to see a doctor if something is really painful, swollen, or you suspect a fracture or other serious damage.

Cross Training in Your Ballet Dancing

Most ballet dancers feel that all they want to do is dance, but a well rounded dancer can definitely benefit from a wide variety of different exercise and strengthening methods out there. Your ballet dancing can only be improved by using them.

Ballet Bar – Steps to Professionalism

Ballet is an art of dancing, which involves a lot of technique which includes the turned out position of the legs and the feet. And also, this comprises of five specific, numbered positions of the feet which form the basis of most ballet steps.

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