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Choosing the Best Dance Sneakers

Dance has been enjoyed by people from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds for thousands of years. Many of the dances that can be learned today are very traditional and have not changed much in many generations. Some dances, however, are much newer creations, usually set to modern music, they get their inspiration from all sorts of influences.

Can Ballet Inspire Confidence?

There is something enchanting to young children about the world of ballet. The beautiful clothing and ballet shoes worn by characters in stories are very much like those straight out of a fairy tale, harking back to more elegant times. It is no wonder that so many children long to be part of this tradition, it is accessible, unlike the bygone, much romanticized, days portrayed in stories like Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel.

Ballet Shoes Can Have You Walking on Air

Although the art of ballet is more commonly associated with females, there are plenty of opportunities for men to become involved in the activity. Whether its part of a troupe putting on a show or as a smaller outlet, ballet is as valid an activity and lifestyle participation sport for men as it is for women. This means that the full range of ballet products and clothing lines are available for both genders with a full range of ballet shows being made available for men. Traditionally men have a larger size of feet than women which invariably means that they require a larger type of shoe. If ballet pumps and footwear ranges were only produced for women there may be a difficulty for men to participate fully but in recent years it has been possible to get ballet footwear in all sizes imaginable.

How to Dance – Pivot Turns

This exercise will allow you to practice pivoting on the supporting foot, and traveling with your turns. Stand with your right side next to a table or kitchen counter. Put your right hand on the counter. Stand with your feet together and your weight on your left foot.

The History of Bachata

Bachata, which literally means “party,” is a dance and music style from the Dominican Republic often centered around subjects of heartbreak, romance, and loss. This music form had a rough and “nefarious” history. Born in the brothels and bars of the lower class, Bachata shares a common ancestry to Merengue. The dance, by the same name, which accompanies Bachata music is composed of 4 steps with a tap or pop on the 4th beat.

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