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A Whole Range of Leotards

Other than great natural talent, a dancer needs to have great body fitness. To emphasise and maximise this fitness, dancers generally use various kinds of costumes and accessories. One such kind of costume which is made for dancers and athletes alike is the leotard.

Ballet Dancing and the Choreographer

The choreographer plays the most important role in putting together a new piece of work. The choreographer is the one who comes up with the ideas for the ballets, creates the steps, arranges for the design of the costumes, and has even been known to commission the music.

The Different Types of Ballerina Tutus

If you want to start ballet and you have to get ready for a recital you will have to wear ballerina tutus. There are different types to choose from.

Why Cowgirls Love the Country Line Dance

One might think that country line dancing is just good clean fun that all cowgirls worth their spurs engage in just for the pure fun of it. I think there’s a lot more going on behind that Cowboy Cha Cha or Cotton Eye Joe Dance than meets the eye. There’s a clever game being played on that dance floor; one that we’ll attempt to uncover in this article.

Ballet Dancing and the Story of Adeline Genee

Adeline Genee is a name that is not familiar with most of the general public, but in her time she was well known and celebrated in England as a great ballet dancer. She was a Danish girl and at the age of 15 already a veteran of five years on the stage.

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