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The Dos and Don’ts in Dancing

Follow the Dos and Don’ts in Dancing and you will be amazed of how good you will be on the dancefloor. But remember there are no definite rules in dancing only good moves to have a good time.

Learning Ballroom Dancing

There are certain basics that make learning ballroom dancing much easier and faster. Footwork is probably one of the most important.

Dance Class – If You Think You Can Dance

Are you a bad dancer? Do you feel that you can never learn the steps? People say you have no rhythm, or you’re dancing on both your left foot! Hey, its never too late! Dance class is what you need!

Salsa Dancing Lessons – Why Ballroom Dancing Is Such Great Exercise

Salsa dancing lessons can relieve everyday stress we all encounter on a daily basis. Discover why!

What is Ballroom Dance?

I must confess. I’ve fallen in love with ballroom dance. After watching Dancing with the Stars a few years ago, where non-professionals learned how to dance with such beauty and elegance, I was hooked. So I took it upon myself to find out more about this type of dance.

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