Catharina Victoria PETERSEN (DEN) Women Free Skating | Courchevel 1-2021

How to Dance – Spiral Turns

Take a long step forward with your left foot – by pushing from your supporting or right foot. As your left foot becomes the supporting foot keep your right foot back with pressure against the floor.

Tips For Designing Ballet Costumes

The perfect dance outfit for ballet should be designed to fit the dancer. To ensure that the ballet costumes are perfect, give them plenty of thought and read the following guidelines.

Learn How to Salsa Dance & Improve Your Relationships

Learning salsa dancing can not only improve your fitness but also your relationships. People who learn to salsa dance say one of two things about their relationships…

Salsa Dancing Moves Can Get in Your Blood

Dancing is a great excuse to get out and meet people. The salsa form of dancing is spicy and complex in flavor, just like its culinary namesake. There are different ways of beginning to learn salsa dance moves. Privately, in groups, dance clubs, DVDs, CDs, have your Mum teach you. Only you can decide.

Dancing is Just Like Playing an Instrument – Releasing Energy Through a Creative Outlet

Release is something many people lack in their lives. If you love music than you should consider taking the full potential of what it has to offer.

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