Catharina Victoria PETERSEN ( DEN) Women Short Program | Courchevel 1 2021

Jazz As Dance

While few individuals understand the true sources of Jazz as a music form, fewer people still understand the origins of jazz as a style of dance. Jazz is very much a fatherless child.

Frame – What is it and Where is it?

Dance frame is the foundation of dance. It is the connection between two people allowing you to move effortlessly around the dance floor. Without frame and connection dancing is nearly impossible and not much fun! Dance frame and connection occur in both open and closed dance positions.

Dancing Through History

Through history we have experienced many evolutions of dance. Some of these ancient dances and rituals are still practiced these days by those who honor their religious or cultural histories while a good many have sadly been lost throughout the grows older. Only a few nevertheless remains constant. Dance has always played a significant role in the societies, great and small, around the world.

Irish Step Dancing

If you choose this searching for something a little new and different when it concerns dancing, have you looked at Irish step dancing? I’m sure that most of you have heard of or even seen shows such as “Riverdance” and other shows that display this beautiful and unique form of dance. “Lord of the Dance” is a different example of great Irish step dance though it brings a more contemporary twist to the audience.

Ice Dance For Those Who Love a Challenge

For people who love to dance but would like to try something a little more tough, there is always ice dance. This is a form of figure skating that likewise incorporates some of the rules and moves of ballroom dancing into the mix for a little bit of an added challenge and some more restrictions when it relates to moves and creative license than traditional figure skating allows.

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