Celine & Allen – Shake it Off // DANCING ON ICE // #1

Pole Dancing Lessons for the Uninitiated

More and more studios offering pole dancing lessons are popping up everywhere you go. People of all ages are having fun and getting into shape. Pole dancing gives you an excellent cardiovascular workout as well as making use of all of you body. You build core strength as well as your flexibility. This is a great fitness option for people of every size and skill level.

Proper Way Of Installing A Ballet Bar

The ballet bar is one of the most important equipment especially for dancers who have devoted themselves in dancing. These bars are put facing the mirrors in order for you to see if you are performing the right ballet posture. In addition, you will have the opportunity to correct yourself if ever there are wrong gestures that you make.

How To Choose Pointe Dance Shoes

Pointe is a very advanced style of ballet. Choosing shoes is critical. Let me help you choose a pair of shoes that will compliment your dance style.

Secured Brackets For Stable Ballet Bars

Brackets are used to hold and secure the ballet bar in place. It is very important that the barre is stable and immovable on its place to effectively aide the ballerinas during warm-up, stretching and practice of postures at the equipment. Brackets differ from sizes, styles and shapes, and there are some important keys that should be considered in purchasing this item for your ballet gym.

Capezio Provides the Best in Dance Gear

There is a very special spirit in a person who loves to dance. The majority of people who love the art-form do it effortlessly in public regardless of the venue.

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