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Imagine You Were a Tango Teacher – Advantages of Tango Holidays and Lessons in a Small Group

Asking yourself where to go for a tango holiday or where to take lessons of this beautiful dance, being an Argentine Tango dancer mainly you have two options. Visiting a big festival with hundreds of participants or learning at a Tango holiday in a small group. Big festivals certainly offer more distractions, and one can meet more people to socialize. What however are the advantages you have, participating in a Tango workshop or a lesson in a small group?

Fabian Salas, Researcher and Teacher of Tango Nuevo

Sometimes when you speak about one of the great masters of Argentine Tango, you take it for granted, that everybody already knows everything about them. Maybe though it does make sense to tell a little about Fabian Salas.

Salsa Rhythm – Mastering The Four Most Important Salsa Rhythms In The Music

In this article you will learn to master the four most important salsa rhythms to help you stay on the correct timing and rhythm of the music as a dancer. Understanding these rhythms will not only help you become a better salsa dancer, but they will help you to derive much more enjoyment out of listening and hearing salsa music as well.

How To Take Dance Classes Economically

If you are interested in taking dance classes or starting your child in classes or a program, you may be worried about the expense. Dance classes (particularly now, as with most things) have become a bit expensive. If you have already tried to budget for the experience but can’t find much wiggle room, there are a few things that you can do to lessen the burden.

What Dance Class Yields The Best Physical Exercise?

You may be looking to start taking dance classes because you’ve seen the incredible legs that professional dancers bare. Dancers have amazing bodies because they are tremendous athletes who use their entire body weight as muscular resistance. If you’re looking for a dancer’s body, you’re probably wondering which dance class will give you the best results.

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