Chaima Ben Khelifa / Everest Zhu CAN Ice Dance Rhythm Dance | Courchevel  2 – 2021

Ballroom Dance Shoes

Before you learn to ballroom dance, you need a good pair of ballroom dance shoes. These are shoes handcrafted by the world’s finest manufacturers.

Quality Gear Enhances the Art of Dance

The uninitiated may not understand the value of good gear, but when it comes to dancing, it’s vital.

Ballroom Dancing – Let’s Talk Shoes

I often hear the question – ‘What kind of shoes should I wear to dance in? It’s my opinion that the very best choice are those designed especially for ballroom dancing and even more specifically for the exact dance style you plan to be doing.

How to Choose a Ballet Teacher and Dance Studio For Training in Ballet Shoes and Pointe Shoes

This article gives you 7 highly effective tips about how to choose a ballet teacher. If you have never been in one, how do you know good dancing schools look like? When will you, the adult ballet beginner, or your dancing daughter, need pointe shoes? Many aspiring ballet dancers go through these thoughts in seeking a quality ballet class. Here are some important tips.

Liturgical Dancewear

Many stage productions and local theater companies perform plays that are religious in nature. Music ministries and music choirs also perform for the public. In order to look the part, liturgical dancewear is usually worn.

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