Charly & Shelby – Born To Be Wild // DANCING ON ICE // #4

Function Of A Ballet Bar

At this moment, there are a lot of ballet dancers who make use of a ballet bar. Every day, this equipment is always used to make things organized and well arranged. In different ballet classes, they have their own bars that are fixed or installed on the wall and in the ground.

Partner Dancing – Session Based Course Scheduling VS Drop In Style Packages

Being an expert in the art of partner dancing is mandatory to running a successful salsa dance studio. But it’s also crucial to understand the types of courses you offer to students, ensuring they suit their needs and level of experience.

History of Jazz Dancing

Jazz dancing has a very unique history and has been influenced by many other dance styles and techniques. Like jazz music, its roots can be found in African and slave traditions. It then took inspiration from tap, Minstrel shows, vaudeville, swing and Broadway. The result is that the styles associated with jazz dancing constantly change.

Learn to Dance – Salsa Moves to Add Flair and Grace

Salsa dancing is an exotic dance form that has gripped the imaginations of many dancing enthusiasts. The astonishing postures, sensual moves, the fluid movements and the excellent rhythm and timing of this dance form remains to be a smashing hit as more and more individuals crave to learn salsa dancing.

Dancing – Learn It With Style

Dancing is definitely an art which has to be mastered by years of practice and dedication. It is true that some people have an in born talent however; you can master this skill at any stage. However, the young you start the faster you will be able to learn. The general public is usually confused and hesitant about learning how to dance. Most of the people want to learn the different forms of dancing and many times associate it with fitness and exercising.

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