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Capezio Provides Dance Sneakers for the Beginner

Capezio shoes are also made in the design of sneakers for the beginning dancer. Beginning dancers shouldn’t assume that any shoe that you currently have in your closet will be suitable for the dance floor in your new class.

Dance Classes – Four Queries to Answer to Join Ideal Salsa Dance Classes

If you are a beginner looking for the right chance to learn salsa, the salsa dance classes become the best option to learn the fundamentals of this dance form. Before venturing to get registered in the best salsa dance classes, you ought to answer four main queries to make sure that you join the ideal dance classes.

How Weight Training Exercises Make You a Better Dancer

Dancing needs a lot of strength in both bone and muscle. Protect yourself from injury as well as enhance your skills through strength training.

Salsa Timing – 5 Tips To Improve Your Salsa Timing

In this article, you will learn 5 tips to improve your salsa timing. When I started dancing salsa understanding the timing and rhythm was challenging. In this article, I have tried to give you five tips that has helped me to go from a stiff uncoordinated awkward basketball player to a musically amazing salsa dancer.

Top Five Reasons Why Burlesque Dancing and Other Sexy Dances Are Taking Over Gym Classes

Burlesque dancing and other sexy dances are becoming in-demand classes at local fitness centers. Not only are these dances great work outs, but they help women get more in tune with their bodies.

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