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Salsa Video – The #1 Secret to Learning to Dance Salsa Fast

Are you trying to learn Salsa? In this article I am going to give you probably the number one most powerful way to become a better dancer fast. Here it is. Video tape yourself dancing salsa and create your own salsa video.

What to Look For in a Dance Partner

Dance is a great way to express emotions, and when it comes to ballroom dancing, you perform better when you have the right partner to work with. You are better able to express emotions with someone you can communicate with, and if you really want to hone your craft, you must choose someone who can bring the best out of you. When you don’t know where to begin, it is best that you join dance classes.

Learn to Dance – Learn to Dance Salsa With Passion – 5 Secrets

Have you ever seen a dancer that really moved you. Chances are that they did not only dance well, but that they also danced with passion.

How to Dance the Tango Like They Do in Argentina

It’s time to tango! Few dances rival the passion and showiness of the tango, the dance that everyone associates with Argentina. Celebrity dancing shows like Dancing With The Stars and Strictly Come Dancing are popping up all over the world, showing us all that anyone can have a go, but where do you start? Try these useful pointers…

How to Choose Quality Dance Lessons

Dancing is a wonderful physical activity for your child to be involved in. But the benefits don’t stop there.

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