Corentin Spinar FRA Men Short Program | Courchevel 2 – 2021

Dancing Centered – A Pilot’s Perspective

In the aviation world, an ILS is a ground based Instrument Landing System that simultaneously transmits horizontal and vertical navigation signals to arriving aircraft. If the pilot interprets his cockpit instruments properly, and he flies his airplane so that he keeps the two needles in his ILS display centered during his descent down through the clouds to the airport, then these needles accurately guide him to the runway for a safe landing. Returning back to terra firma, let’s consider how this flight scenario applies to our dancing.

Mad Hatter Theory of Dance Lessons

An article directed at the newer swing dancers who attempt to accelerate their training by taking lessons that are too advanced for them. Unfortunately they end up lengthening their training period instead of shortening it in a topsy-turvy reversal analogous to “Alice in Wonderland.”

The Glass Mountain of Dance Instruction – The Slippery Slope to Becoming an Effective Teacher

This article explores how the most successful instructors teach their dance classes. Their presentations must blend detailed substance and humorous fun, and this precarious balance is as slippery as the slopes on the fabled glass mountain in Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Ballroom Dance Clothing and Shoes

Dressing for ballroom dance is a lot like getting ready for the prom. You have to find the perfect dress (or suit and tux if you’re a guy), perfect shoes, and coordinate your hair and makeup for a complete look. However, getting ready for an evening of ballroom dance is slightly more complex than dressing for the prom.

The Synchronous Mechanical and Quality Development in Classical Ballet

The mechanical, or technical aspects of classical ballet technique(s) are always interrelated with the quality, or traditional grace of ballet. Ballet movement, and positions, while analyzed mechanically in detail for children and adult beginners, are not meant to be taught without the accompanying elegant quality that defines classical ballet. Whether professional or recreational, classical ballet is a source of elegance for our culture.

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