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How To Shape Up Your Body With Salsa Dancing

If your tired of doing those boring and repetitive exercises to burn those fats, then you should try salsa dancing. It’s a fun way of shaping up your body and at the same time learning a new skill which is dancing. Learn more how salsa dancing could help you get fit.

Ballroom Dance Steps

Ballroom dance steps aren’t as complicated as some people have implied it to be. Sure, there are some that are almost acrobatic in nature, performed by individuals who seem to be dancing since they were in their cribs; but for the most part-almost anyone can dance if we take the time and effort to learn the basics.

History of Breakdancing

Breakdancing is a popular kind of dance frequently seen performed in street dance tournaments. Originally, it was termed as B-boying or breaking because the dance was executed in line with the breaks in records that were connected together by street DJs.

History of Ballet

Ballet, a graceful dance form dates back to the 14th century. In fact, it was initially called balleto and has its origins in Italy. Balleto loosely translates as dances performed to portray some form of theatrical depiction or story. Comedies, stories and events during ancient times were performed.

When Can I Dance In Pointe Shoes? How Do I Know For Sure?

There are general guidelines as to when you can dance ballet in pointe shoes. Many teachers recommend that you have taken ballet for three or more years, with three lessons per week in the past year. If you have learned correct classical technique, learned to do special foot exercises for the control and strength needed to train in toe shoes, and show consistent and good concentration in classes, there are ways a teacher can test you for starting pointe work. There are also ways you can train and test yourself, which I will elaborate on below.

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