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Beginning Pointe Work – How To Prepare

The idea of beginning pointe work is what inspires many young dancers and adult ballet beginners alike. The effort involved may differ, but the required classical technique, knowledge and execution of basic ballet positions, moves and precision, is identical. While younger dancers cope with growth spurts, education distractions and social activities, older ballet beginners cope with how to get more flexible, life/family responsibility distractions and…..social activities.

Choosing a Leotard – A Few Things to Consider

The dance leotard is synonymous with ballet, tap and many different styles of dance. However, choosing a leotard can be fairly confusing with such a wide variety available. In this article we will look at different factors which you can think about when choosing your dance leotard. These will include purpose, style, support, fabric and of course colour!

Your First Pointe Shoes – Excitement and Fears

When you go to buy your first pointe shoes, take your time. Let your parent know that you cannot be rushed or pressured in any way. It is very exciting, but you are composed, calm, and have some idea of the challenge of the sizing variations in pointe shoes, the styles, the brands, and the possibilities of which one will be exactly the right fit for you.

Dance Leotards – Different Fabrics and Bra Lining

When looking for a dance leotard you can be amazed by the number of different varieties available – halter neck leotards, strappy backs, bra lined, cotton, Tactel… the combinations are endless! However it’s important to choose a leotard which you feel comfortable in so that you can perform to your best!

Dance Leotards – What to Consider When Choosing Yours

When looking for your first dance leotard or whether you’re replacing an old one, there is a wide range to choose from. There are also a number of factors to think about so this article looks at what purpose you need your leotard for and how this may affect what style you choose.

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