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3 Reasons Salsa Is Awesome and 2 Reasons It’s Not

The salsa scene it has the good and bad like most things in life. If you are curious about salsa and are reading this I think you will find it a great adventure and something that will change your life…seriously. If you are already a “salsero” than hopefully you will read the not so good and prevent it from happening to you and make your salsa scene even better for it.

The Origins and the History of Belly Dance

Belly Dance is a Western term for a type of dance that originated in North Africa and the Middle East, involving the forceful and sustained movement of the hips and other parts of the body. It might also be referred to as Middle Eastern or Arabic dance, or by the Greco-Turkish name ciftetelli. Interestingly, the belly doesn’t actually play a major part in the performance of the dance. It is the movement of the hips, the lower waist and the upper body that compels the belly to thrust violently, but the shape and size of the dancer’s belly is generally not important.

The Ballet Dance

Ballet came into being in the Italian courts during the fifteenth century where dance performances flourished. Soon after, it spread to France and King Louis XIV, who was passionate about this particular form of dance, founded the Royal Dance Academy to promote the dance of ballet.

A Beginners Guide to Bollywood Dance and Its Styles

If you’ve never heard of Bollywood Dancing, or often confuse it with Belly Dance, then this article is written just for you. Learn what Bollywood Dancing really is, and the various styles that are often incorporated into Bollywood Dance, so that next time you attend a Bollywood-themed party, you’ll be able to impress your friends with this fun knowledge!

Where To Move To Become A Star

Deciding the best place to move when pursuing a profession in entertainment can be a difficult choice to make. While cost of living is higher than most other parts of the country, New York supplies a huge number of venues and services that are related to the entertainment industry. Los Angeles is also a great place because of Hollywood and the cutting-edge music culture that is not found in the rest of the US. While both offer similar benefits, there are many aspects of each city that must be taken into account before moving.

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