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A History of Belly Dance

The dancing we have come to know as ‘belly dancing’ arises from the French ‘danse du ventre’ meaning “dance of the stomach”. This term was applied in the Victorian era but is somewhat inaccurate seeing as the dance incorporates every part of the body. Other terms include, raks sharqi which is Arabic for “dance of the east” and “oriental” or “eastern” dance.

Ballroom Dance Classes

Do you have a wedding coming up? Are you trying to be more active in your lifestyle? You might want to think about that special dance that you are going to have to do in front of all those people. There are classes available for you to consider ballroom dancing.

Ballet Pumps

When it comes to fashion, ballet pumps never run out of style. These shoes are good for all ages and are very flexible when it comes to mixing and matching your overall outfit. Many people believe that ballet can only be learned effectively from a young age.

Why Take Hip Hop Dance Lessons

Are you considering hip hop dance lessons? Take this evolving dance genre to new heights by taking dance classes.

The Many Benefits Of Dance Classes

Explore the many benefits of taking dance classes today. Experiencing ballet class and dance lessons at their finest has never been easier for any age or experience level.

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