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Rumba: A Romantic Dance

Rumba is certainly a famous Latin dance cherished in societal dancing and practiced by professionals on ballroom dancing contests around the globe. The specific significance differs from region to island. Chris Freville and Doris Lavelle introduced the real “Cuban Rumba” that has been finally set up after a lot of argument, as the official acknowledged version in 1956.

Dance School Classes

Have you ever had a dream about taking center stage following the steps of Fred Astaire or Twyla Tharp, or perhaps be involved in a production of the Nutcracker? You have always been in the audience and now it’s your chance to take the lead! Dance is more than an element of theater arts.

Want to Learn How to Dance? Here Are a Few Pointers!

If there’s one thing that can evoke much emotion, it has to be dance. Dance has been used for a very long time as a form of expression, and this is why it’s still popular today. Most people think that the art of dancing is inborn; that some people just can’t dance no matter how much they try.

How To Maximize On Online Pole Dancing Lessons

Pole dancing is an art that should be learnt and practiced from time to time. There are some basic things that have to be learnt first in order to build on this skill. Some online sites offer these lessons.

What Is The Right Bollywood Dance Workout Footwear For You?

Bollywood dance workouts are traditionally done without wearing any shoes. The dancing is mostly done on bare feet because it does not restrict the feet movements and makes performing the dance steps easier.Dancing with any shoes is usually difficult for many of us and therefore if you think that your feet and ankles are not strong enough, it is best to wear some type of footwear. This article will give recommendations on the right Bollywood dance workout footwear for you.

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