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Why Guys Should Learn to Dance Modern Jive

Many men would rather have their teeth pulled than dance. Yet when men discover Modern Jive they are often pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to learn and how much fun they have doing it. Modern Jive is partner dancing so when thinking of the many reasons guys should learn to dance where better to hear it; than from the horse’s mouth, guys who have recently learned to dance having been initially reluctant to dance at all.

Finding the Right Style for You When You Sign Up for Ballroom Dancing Lessons

There are few performance arts that can compete with ballroom dancing for sensual beauty, for elegance and for romantic expression. As with any evolved performance art, learning all the formations and the moves that go into mastering this art does take a lot of work. Ballroom dancing lessons can never just be about learning the steps needed to carry off a specific dance.

Portable Dance Floors – Reasons To Buy One For Your Home

If you want a dance floor in your home, make sure you read these three major tips explaining why you should buy a portable dance floor. You’ll probably cancel your order for a permanent dance floor!

The Ballet Bible Review – Better Ballet Steps and Positions

Due the lack of good technical ballet books, Anita Leembruggen wrote The Ballet Bible. The book talks about the 3 simple rules of a prima ballerina, which covers how to improve your ballet technique, learning in correctly and in the shortest time possible. If you learn and keep doing a movement incorrectly you will end up having a bad technique which will end up transferring into the other movements in a hugely way.

New Content! Ballroom and Latin Dancing Primer!

And now, you have decided to take up ballroom dancing. Like any other physical activity, dance is best learned by “doing,” and the more opportunities that you find to practice and develop your skills, the more chances you have to become a potentially great dancer. But, how do you get started? Read this article to find out how easy it is.

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