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The Psychology Behind Dancing – Is It A Gender Issue?

Have you ever been at a party where all of your friends were dancing, or perhaps you saw one or more adults dancing? If you removed yourself from the picture entirely, the whole thing might look utterly ridiculous to you. However, there is something- some appeal when it comes to dancing that makes us want more.

Belly Dancing

If you thought that belly dancing was simply moving your stomach around in circles, you’re wrong. There are also a lot of common misconceptions, which accuse belly dancers of being “strippers” because of the types of movements involve. However, there is a much more extensive history to this style of dance than most people realize.

Men, Variety is the Spice Of Life

Learn to dance all the popular nightclub dances in order to have the time of your life. Can you imagine wearing one suit? Or perhaps, one dress?

How to Choose a Summer Dance Camp for Your Child

Summer is near and as the children begin to finish up the school year, you will begin planning their summer activities. Parents of dancers have the unique ability to send their child to summer camps geared to their favorite hobby.

Dancing On My Skates

Dancing is essentially a mood enhancer and a very good way to burn off some calories as well. But dancing on skates will require some great body balancing skills, and a lot more fun at that. Some popular workouts are jam skating, roller dancing and relaxing.

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