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Learn to Dance and Change Your Whole Life Around Much Quicker Than You Think at No Financial Cost

I can help you get up and dancing in next to no time with complete confidence. I am not talking about “loose dancing” or disco dancing. I am talking about dancing together.

So You Wish You Could Dance?

You’ve watched the old Astaire & Rogers movies and wondered ‘how?’ How can anyone look so graceful and glide across the floor so confidently and flawlessly? When you went on that cruise with your spouse and you saw the couples dancing closely on the dance floor, did you wish that you and your spouse were dancing cheek to cheek, too?

Creative Dance For Children and Beyond

In creative dance, students learn to appreciate their own individuality. As they observe and participate in class they witness that every dance and every dancer is special and unique, which builds confidence and self-esteem.

Don’t Get Depressed Because You Can’t Study Ballet Yourself and Learn at Home

I hear significant discussion about learning ballet dance at home without a teacher. Even by persons who aspire to professional ballet performance, starting at a late age. This is thinking in a bubble. Instructional ballet videos, and ballet theater performances are excellent learn-at-home guides, if your own ballet is done in a dance class.

Private Salsa Lessons Vs Group Salsa Lessons

Before you sign up for another salsa class find out the pros and cons of private salsa lessons vs. group salsa lessons. Each person has different needs and this article will help you figure out which is the right track for you.

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