Darya GRIMM / Michail SAVITSKIY (GER) Ice Dance Free Dance | Courchevel 1 – 2021

Tip #1 For Doing Your Best at a Dance Competition

Each dance competition provides detailed information on what is required and what is allowed at their event. Rules are often updated for each new season, so don’t assume you are familiar with the current years’ policies without reading them. Everyone enjoys the experience more when the competition runs smoothly.

Wall Mounted Ballet Bars For Maximum Stability – What Other People Are Not Telling You About This

Stability is the most important factor of ballet bars and this instrument is usually used to improve and check the posture and the stance of the dancer. The dancers also use the bar to check their balance. The balance of the dancer will be bad if the bars wobble.

The Convenience of a Portable Ballet Bar – Important Information That You Need to Know About

A portable ballet bar can be used for practice by any number of people at different points of time in different places. You can adjust the height of these bars and carry them around to any place to practice. You can also use set it up at your home and then carry it to the dancing center and set it up there before you begin your routines. The biggest benefit as you can see is the convenience that these bars provide the dancers.

Injuring the Hamstring and Patience With Rehabilitation in Ballet Shoes and Pointe Shoes

Patience with rehabilitation is not easy for ballet dancers. Muscle pulls are rarely serious, but without proper treatment and rehabilitation, they can become a chronic situation. With the hamstring muscle, which is involved in every ballet position and ballet movement in the lower body, special care is needed to keep it relaxed and stretched properly after ballet class.

Dancewear – Selecting the Right Dance Clothing

Dancewear will vary to suit different styles of dance. However, most are designed with flexibility, strength, and comfort in mind. Here are some tips on selecting dance clothing to fit all of these requirements.

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