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How to Choose a Ballet Teacher – Why Good Technique?

Why look for a ballet teacher who can present good classical techniques? Shouldn’t ballet be fun with lots of costumes and shows? Shouldn’t everyone have a chance to work in pointe shoes? Take a shot at all the ballet positions? Have fun trying the ballet movements? Can you have fun and still not get dance injuries?

How to Choose A Ballet Teacher – Feet and Turnout

The foundation of good ballet technique is essential, regardless of the style chosen for training. Preventing injuries and attaining the required strength and grace is possible, (including in pointe shoes) even on a once to twice-a-week regimen. What makes a strong ballet foot? Toes, arches, ankles, muscles joints.

Los Angeles Classical Dance Academy

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Choosing a Good Ballet Teacher – Good Posture

Ballet is not natural, yet highly stylized ballet positions are good exercises for posture. However, good technique, good posture tips and muscle strength, are especially important if you want to get advanced enough to work in pointe shoes. You want to enjoy the elegance and grace of ballet dance lessons, and not end up with joint pain and arthritis from careless ballet training.

How to Achieve The Perfect Belly Dancing Posture

Learn how to improve your belly dancing posture so that you command attention on the dance floor and perform all those cool dance moves you’ve always wanted to do more smoothly and elegantly. Work those back muscles of yours and obtain the straight back necessary for belly dancing.

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