Day 2 Highlights | Courchevel 1 2021

Men in Ballet Working in Pointe Shoes

Many men in ballet talk about dancing in pointe shoes and whether it is appropriate or even possible. Pointe shoes are made in men’s sizes for the few classical ballets where pointe shoes for a male character are used. More importantly, developing foot muscles for ballet using pre-pointe exercises is an excellent idea for men in ballet classes.

Tango in Buenos Aires – a Brief History

Tango is more than dancing. Tango is an Argentinean cultural identity. Especially to the inhabitants of Buenos Aires, portenos.

Why Do Martial Artists Make Good Dancers?

Ever wonder why Martial Artists make good Dancers? In this article, we examine the similarities between the learning, teaching, social connections, and actions of both. For Martial Artists, the movements of Salsa exist in a world that is very familiar; elbows, twists, spins, kicks, and throws (sometimes). For a Salsero, the power and potential harm inherent in the moves becomes clearer as their grasp becomes stronger. Specifically we are focusing on Salsa dancing and Shaolin Kung Fu.

Where Are My Feet and Arms?

With so much to remember as a dancer, one of the most important things to be aware of is where your feet and arms are, and where they are going. One of the first skills that you should try and master is awareness. Awareness of not only what your body is doing, but where it is going, and how it is getting there.

Am I Ready to Start Pointe Work?

How do you know if it is safe to begin Pointe work? This can be answered by asking yourself some simple questions. How strong are my feet, ankles and legs, and do I have good technique?

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