Day 3 highlights| Courchevel 1 – 2021|

Whose Opinion About Your Dancing Should You Listen To?

Many people will pass on their opinions about your dancing over the course of your life whether you like it or not. But whose is most important and can you trust?

New Dance and Ballet Resolutions – Get Some Tips For an Extra Advantage

Ballet dancers tend to be self-critical and my intention is to help dancers progress faster with a light-hearted and keep-it-simple approach to new resolutions for their quest to excel in ballet class. Solving technical roadblocks may result in the extra advantage of a new understanding and enthusiasm that will take the “chore” out of making New Year’s goals for your ballet training. So here are a few tips.

Top 5 Mistakes Dancers Make at Auditions

Auditioning for jobs is something that dancers frequently have to do. And there are some mistakes dancers frequently make. Avoid the top 5 mistakes here.

Learn How to Dance the Two-Step, and Get Some Exercise Too – Free

Don’t be a wallflower when the music starts. Learn this easy-to-learn dance and strut your stuff with confidence. You and your partner can be the couple people envy, because you will be dancers, not wallflowers!

Dutty Wine Dance Style

You must admit that when we listen to our favorite music, we all have this urge of swaying in our seats to the rhythm of the song or better still, waking up and dancing to the beat. There are different kinds of music today and they all vary in tempo, rhythm, beat and many other aspects.

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