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Social Dancing Etiquette

When social dancing, there are some basic rules of etiquette that dancers are expected to follow. Learning these rules will give you a better relationship with other dancers, which will allow you to socialize more and enjoy dancing to an even great degree than you did before.

How To Get Rid Of A Sickle In Ballet Dancing

A very common problem that ballet dancers battle with, even some of the professionals, are sickled feet. There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful arabesque performed on stage, and the extension of the leg is broken by a foot that looks like a banana. This problem can be rectified, although it is a very difficult habit to break.

Ballet Barre Work – Tips For The Adult Ballet Beginner

Ballet barre work is a wonderfully configured full body workout. If this were not so, you would not see so many trade marked workouts for Pilates, core muscle training, “booty” trimming, and many more, with “ballet barre” in the name. But it is all good, literally. If you are an adult ballet beginner and have chosen classical dance technique to fulfill your exercise and your artistic needs, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your work at the barre. If you are doing some other, non-ballet academy barre-ish workout, you may get some tips also.

Ballet Exercises Are Perfectly Designed To Get You Into Pointe Shoes

Ballet exercises are excellent for many reasons. Yes, they head you toward dancing in pointe shoes, yet there is so much more. The ballet barre is a calm, configured total body workout. Core muscles, legs, feet, and mid back muscles are strengthened, amazing. The neck, shoulders, upper back, head and arms – hands and fingers even! – are lead to a grace unequaled by most other dance forms (can we all agree to exclude Indian, Balinese and Cambodian hand/wrist/finger movements and positions)? Music appreciation is included, as the music detracts from the exertion and sometimes mild pain. It helps you rise above the “grunt work”. For those of you who simply MUST move to music, and be it ballet music at that, classical technique exercises will lift your soul.

Dance Classes For Kids = Summertime Fun

Hearing your child say “I’m bored” during summer break is every parent’s nightmare. An often overlooked solution are dance classes which get kids moving and exploring their creativity.

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