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Dance Lessons – Dance Twice a Week to Get Better Faster

My first regular, weekly dancing was in Chicago. Some people organized a Jewish singles party. They invited a local Israeli Dance group to keep us entertained. None of us could dance, but my Dad taught me to be a good sport, so I joined in. The Israeli Dancing group left their flyers. I took one and the next Thursday, I went to their dance session.

Jazz Shoes – Make Sure Yours Perform

Jazz dancing is a high energy dance with a unique style that takes influences from many other genres of dance. It involves routines that include a great deal of twists, turns and jumps so wearing a comfortable pair of jazz shoes is critical for any jazz dancer to give their best possible performance.

Split Sole or Full Sole Ballet Shoes?

When you come to choose a pair of ballet shoes you will find that there is a whole host of different types on the market. Other than the type of fabric from which the shoe is made, one of the most prominent differences is whether the shoe has a full sole or a split sole.

Give Your New Year’s Party Some Style With Disco Balls

If you want something to liven up that next party, think about adding disco balls to the theme. Whether you choose one large disco ball for the entire room or smaller ones as props, your next party is sure to be the one people are talking about for weeks!

Easy Break Dance Steps

How to learn break dance can be easy with proper determination and body flexibility. During the 70’s up to the 80’s, this dance move has been liked by dance aficionados. Now, it has been reinvented and different break dancing steps have been added with great agility and it is quite enjoyable for many. Read on for more details.

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