Donny en Maria – There s Nothing Holding Me Back // DANCING ON ICE // #7

Learning Partner Dance Faster

Many people learn couples dancing and quickly find that they do not progress as fast as they had hoped. By understanding how we learn to dance this process can be sped, and people can get a lot more out of their partner dancing lessons and experience.

Fitness in Dance – Ballroom, Latin and Swing

Many people who are trying to improve their ability in partner dance are doing so in vain. Without the right level and type of fitness, one will never be as good a couples dancer as they otherwise could be. By reviewing what is needed in the way of physical fitness for partner dancing and then engaging in the right kind of exercise, it is possible to greatly improve dance ability.

Balance in Couples Dancing

No matter how much you work on your partner dance, you will always be limited by your sense of balance. With a bit of dedicated training, you can increase your balance and become a better couples dancer.

Hormones in Couples and Partner Dancing

Our hormone levels can affect the way we dance. By understanding this, we can sometimes better understand why at times we do not dance as we are meant to. With this understanding we can then make a conscious and effective effort to improve the way we dance.

Practicing for Better Partner Dancing

Many people make the mistake of simply repeating an activity and hoping that their partner dancing will get better. This is more than untrue, and causing wasted effort. It can actually delay progress and create bad habits.

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