Donny en Maria – What About Us // DANCING ON ICE // #8

First Five Ideas to Avoid Dance Related Accidents

Whether you are a professional performer an amateur taking dance classes you need to pay attention these all important steps. Sixty-two percent of injuries are preventable. Risk factors can also include constant repetition of difficult moves, tiredness and undue pressure. There are definite steps and lifestyle changes that can prevent injuries.

How To Dance Hip Hop?

Hip hop dancing is enjoyed by all ages and all sizes. For leisure, for career or just to work out, dancing can be a very fun activity to bond with friends and family. However, the learning curve might be quite steep for some. Many want to learn how to dance hip hop but don’t know where to start. Find out how you can start here…

Questions Students Might Ask Before Learning Hip Hop

When starting out in learning how to dance hip hop, students might ask a myriad of questions because they just began on this journey and have many doubts still un-cleared. This article anticipates some of the questions students might ask when first starting out in learning hip hop and provide some answers that might help you respond to them.

4 Things To Look For When Choosing A Studio For Dance Classes

If you’re considering signing your child up for dance lessons, there are a number of factors that go into this decision. Learn about what to look for so your child has a great experience when they learn to dance.

Styles of Dance Classes

Ballet is seen in all forms of dance. Information about different dance styles.

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