Donny & Maria – Before I Go // DANCING ON ICE // #6

Introductory Dance Lessons

Are you one of those people who finds themselves cursing their two left feet as they hesitantly jump on the dance floor? If so, have you ever considered brushing up your dance skills so you can begin enjoying the wholesome activity for a change? Since dancing may not come naturally to all people, certain individuals who thrive in art have devoted their career to helping others improve their performance.

A Great Exercise To Start Dancing Today

For beginner “movers” who are too intimidated to take a group dance class, this is a great exercise to get dancing right away. No special equipment necessary and no one will be watching, so get moving. No excuses left!

Choosing the Right Music for Rumba Dancing

Most professional ballroom dancers consider the Rumba dance as the most erotic and sensuous of all Latin dances. As a blend of African and Cuban music, the rumba has a slower tempo compared to other Latin dances and focuses on sensual hip movements. Rumba music is described by some experts in the dance industry as folklore music.

The Different Types of Irish Dances

Although a traditional Irishman is known to hate the ‘stage Irishman’, he is believed to hold a soft spot for dance. Thus, despite the efforts of the Church to condemn dancing, people continued to dance with fervor. In fact it is said, that the early dancers kept their arms straight to avoid begin caught by a passing priest.

Belly Dancing Jewellery

There are many different types of belly dancing jewellery. Necklaces, armbands, headpieces etc. Check out the different styles here.

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