Donny & Maria – Con Calma // DANCING ON ICE // #5

Artistic Roller Skating

Artistic roller skating is very similar to figure skating and incorporates many of the same moves such as jumps and spins. Although jumps and spins are performed in both disciplines, each discipline has maneuvers that are actually easier to perform for example, on ice the skates can grab an edge when needed to launch a jump, but with that said, many athletes agree that most of the maneuvers are easier to perform with roller skates.

Tips On Teaching A Teenager To Dance

For most dance studios, smaller children make up the bulk of the studio. Every now and then you will get teenagers who want to dance, and you may wonder what to do with them.

Goa Dances

The breathtaking beauty and the magnificent architecture of Goa makes this place an ideal holiday destination. The rich cultural heritage of this state is reflected in its various dance forms. These dances are a reflection of the lives of the local people.

Why People Enroll in Online Dance Classes

People take part in online dance classes for various reasons but mostly because of the ease and convenience it affords. It also helps make salsa dancing more mainstream and faster to learn.

Make the Most From Online Dance Class

Making the most of an online dance class entails that you approach your study in a right way. These are some tips of how to best approach it.

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