Donny & Maria – Relight My Fire // DANCING ON ICE // #2

Top Tips for Choosing Good Value Tap Shoes

The soles of your tap dance shoes will need to be relatively firm so they offer you stability whilst dancing. The soles will often be flat but sometimes have either a low heel or Cuban heel. Most beginners usually learn to tap dance with a lower heel or even a flat heel and advance to heeled tap shoes as they gain more experience. Similarly, tap shoes can have split soles or full soles. It’s usual for beginners to learn with a full sole and progress to a split sole as they become more advanced.

How to Dance The Swing – What You Should Know

Learning how to dance the swing is a lot of fun. If you’re at all familiar with it, you’ll know that it’s great exercise and a great way to enjoy time with someone else.

How to Dance The Waltz Step-By-Step

The waltz is a wonderful, graceful dance. Want to learn it? Read on…

Dance Classes Are An Important Activity For The Body and Soul For Anyone

Dance classes are a workout for the body and the mind at any age. Learning how to dance or take a dance class helps improve cognition and coordination, while instilling a sense of self-confidence. The best part about all of this, it’s a great workout at the same time.

Jazz Shoes – What To Consider Before You Buy

When you come to choose a pair of jazz shoes, you’ll find that there’s a whole host of different styles. Before you choose, you should first check whether there’s a particular type of jazz shoe that your dance teacher recommends. If so, then stick with this recommendation, but if you’re free to make the choice yourself, here are a few things to consider.

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