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Do Professional Dancers Need To Know Locking And Popping?

If you’re aiming to become a professional dancer is it important to know how to lock and pop? Or should you spend more time working on other skills?

Why Is Locking Called Locking?

Why is the style of dance known as locking called locking? Find out here how the name came about.

Is There Such A Thing As Perfection In Locking?

Can you be a perfect locker and if so, how? How do the good lockers become good at it?

Brackets For A Stable Ballet Bar

Ballet bar brackets are important accessories for practicing ballet. It is used to hold the barres in place and stop the equipment for wobbling and keep it stable and secure. Having a stable and secure barre is important to do the right warm-up and stretching and practicing basic ballet postures and movements.

Learn How to Salsa – Three Surefire Ways to Learn How to Salsa

To know the secrets to learn how to salsa, a novice will have to master the basic essentials to travel further in his salsa journey. When an enthusiast wants to learn how to salsa, mastering the salsa rhythm is essential to make further progress. Also, learning one style at a time and learning salsa through dvd along with the class are considered important as while you learn how to salsa dance.

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