“Don’t Move,” Nobahar Dadui performs a stunning slow motion Beillmann Spin

What Beginner Ballerinas Need to Know About a Ballet Bar

A ballet bar is used by ballerinas to enable them to assume certain positions and movements while keeping their balance. Most often, they are used mainly for rehearsals such that the dancer could maintain balance on their own during the actual performance. This is also a great tool during warmup exercises.

Ballet As an Art Form

Ballet is a popular form of performance dance, which is thought to have originated in sixteenth century France. It is a very precise form of dance today, but it didn’t start out that way as it was further developed in Italy, Russia and England for concert performances. Ballet is now performed by highly skilled dancers who have trained for many years in the art form of the dance.

What is Ballroom Dancing and What Styles Are Considered Ballroom?

We’ve all heard of swing dancing, hip hop dancing, and ballet….what’s the difference? This article will talk about what styles are considered ballroom dances and why.

How to Salsa Dance

Salsa dancing is beautiful, and when done well can be quite difficult. But the beginner steps are anything but! Here’s a crash course in two basic Salsa steps that anyone could master.

How to Tap Dance

Tap Dancing is often clumped together with ballet and jazz classes for youth. Read on to learn what exactly tap dancing is and how it’s done.

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