Elaria Tedeschi skates to “It’s Quiet Uptown” from Hamilton, Kelly Clarkson (2021-22 Senior Long)

Dance Team Uniforms – How to Choose the Right Uniform For Your Team

Dance uniforms bring in equality among the team. This article explains how to select the right quality in them.

Five Steps to Opening Your Own Dance Studio

Opening your own dance studio is an exciting process, but there are certain steps that need to take place to insure success. Sharing your love of dance will take you a long way, but a dance studio is a business, and like any other business, you will need to plan and design diligently, get the word out, and keep things running smoothly once you have opened the doors and are living your dream. The following steps will help you strategize your way to a profitable new dance business venture.

Zumba Gave Me a Fresh Jolt of Life

Zumba classes have changed my life. I recommend them to anyone looking to get in shape, have a little fun, and lose a little weight.

Doing Ballet Exercises With Ballet Bars

Ballet dance is indeed a very famous dance all throughout the world. With its very tricky and intricate dance steps, many people loved it. With it, many parents enroll their kids to ballet classes for them to dance like the ones that they see in musicals and presentations. However, this dance is not that easy to learn. And the most basic thing that a ballet beginner should have is the ballet bar or also known as Barre.

How to Break Dance

Break dancing is an amazing past time and creative way to express ones self! We’ve all seen or heard of the recent height of hip hop and its dances.

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